March Clinic Winners and Image of the Year

A Group

Shlian, Joel   Bankok Palace  1st Place

MacKenzie,  Don  Hummer  2nd Place

Roy, J. C   Standing Tall  3rd Place

B Group

Congleton, Dot  Palm Beach At Night Under Bridge  1st Place

Rasmussen, Charlotte  Parking Garage 2nd Place

Congleton, Dot  Mating Grasshoppers  3rd Place

C Group

Becker, Sue  Remodeling  1st Place

Becker, Sue  Flower in Stone 2nd Place

Becker, Sue  Walk on the Beach  3rd Place

Image of the Year  2012-2013

Congleton, Dot  Palm Beach at Night Under Bridge  1st Place

Shlian, Joel  Bankok Palace  2nd Place

Becker, Sue  Remodeling  3rd Place


February Clinic Winners


A Group

MacKenzie, Don  –  Hawk Meets Geackle   1st Place

Wilkins, Hearl  – Red Daisy                          2nd. Place

Roy, J.C. –  Charley                                     3rd Place

B Group

Eigen, Anne  –  Her Daily Work                     1st Place

Congleton, Dot  –  Making Grasshoppers      2nd Place

C Group

Becker, Sue  –  Flowers in Stone                    1st Place



Koslowski, Al  —  Palo Duro Canyon             1st Place

Rundell, R. W.  – Fighting for the Lead           2nd Place

Clinic Winners and Flo Greenberg Competition 2012-2013

Flo Greenberg 2012-2013

A Group

Congleton, Dot  –  After the Rain               1stPlace

Congleton, Dot – Hibiscus                         2nd Place

Rasmussen, Charlotte – Dahlia and Bud   3rd. Place

B Group

Illman, Gary -Bouquet                           1st Place

Illman, Gary – Rose Buds                       2nd Place

Mackinzie, Don – Blue Flag                    3rd. Place

Flor Greenberg Competition  2013

Illman, Gary – Bouquet  A Group                       2nd Place

Congleton, Dot – After the Rain  B Group          1st Place









Clinic Winners Jan. 23, 2013

Black And White Photos

A Group

1st..  JC Roy –  Macchu Picchu

2nd. Joel Shlian  – Bangkok Palace

3rd.  Tom Rasmussen – Raccons

HM  Tom Rasmussen – The Web


B Group

1st.  Charlotte Rasmussen – Old Block

2nd.  Dorothy Congleton – Smokey the Bandit

3rd.  Dorothy Congleton – Deck Chairs

HM  R.W. Rundell –  Metamorphis-Swanwoman

C Group[

1st.  Sue G. Beckeer  Walk On The Beach


January Clinic Winners

A Group

J.C. Roy                1st Place-  Christophs Palace

Stuart Freedman  2nd Place – Ancient Architecture

Stuart Freedman   3rd. Place – Bridge of Sighs

J.C.Roy                  HM – Late Afternoon Over Rosevelt Bridge

B Group

Charlotte Rasmussen    1st Place -Parking Garage

Anne Eigen                      2nd Place – NYC Angles

C Group

Sue G. Becker               1st Place – Remodeling


Hearl Wilkens                1st. Place – Nenausance Tower

December Clinic Winners

Dec. 12, 2012  Judge Stu Freedman

A Group

1st Place

J. C. Roy ” Standing Tall”

2nd. Place

J. C. Roy  ” Michael A”

B Group

1st. Place

Dot Congleton  “Palm Beach at Night”

2nd Place

Ruthe Zucker  ” Scarry Night”

C Group

1st. Place

Steve Caplan  “Sunrise on the Pier”

2nd Place

Steve Caplan  “Friends”

“Slides”  Group

1st Place

R.W. Rundell  “At the Ballet”

2nd Place

Hearl Wilkens  “Portrait of Pat”

3rd Place

R.W. Rundell  “Over the River and Through the Woods”

Images to Follow

Photo Shoot at Miami Zoo

Please put aside the date of Jan 31 for a trip to the zoo. It is a great place to get animal images as they are not in cages.  Also, they have electric scooters for people who can not walk far.  The zoo opens at 9:30 so we will leave around 8 or 8:30.  Please email me so that I know who is going.  We will arrange cars when the final cont is in. More information will be coming. Thanks  Steve

Oct 24th Clinic Winners

B Group

Dot Congleton  Title:   Coffee Falling


Coffee Falling

A Group

Don MacKenzie   Title:  Calliope Hummingbird

Calliope Humingbird








Roy, J.C. Title ” I Can See Clearly Now”  No available image

Wilkins, Hearl Title “Nest Building” No available image

 C Group

There were no entries in this group

New Banner for the Club Website

It is time for a change. That is, a change to the Club website banner photo. The image is now of an American Bittern taken by club member, Karl Wittman, at Green Cay, in April 2012.

The Club is always looking for suitable banner photos. They must be 1000 px by 288 px and in jpeg format. If you have an image that you would like to submit, please do so to president Don Mackenzie at